Strength, precision and technology to increase your productivity.

For more than 80 years on Brazilian agricultural sector, Jumil is recognized by offer profitable and innovative solutions that aim a significant increase on the productivity of our clients.

This mission plus effectives investments on technology made the company develop a great adaptability to the requirements of the market, both national and international.

Jumil is genuinely Brazilian, independent and has a vast knowledge about soil types and its peculiarities. Thus we can launch specific products to increase the volume of production in all types of culture, worldwide. Today Jumil is one of the major agricultural machinery manufacturers in the world and agribusiness precursor, exporting to more than 36 countries.


Evolution and growth are parts of our business.

While the world lived uncertainty moments considering the possibility of a new world war, four brothers, Justino, Ermelindo, Moacyr, Herval and their friend Thomaz took courage and determination to founding, on 1936, Jumil, that would become one of the major agricultural machinery manufacturer on the world.

The business prospered and on 1975 Jumil opened its second unit with modern facilities and a casting with electric induction furnace, metal machining and a sophisticated quality control laboratory. We know that to grow and keep strong on a globalized market we must invest constantly on technology, training and retraining of our employees. Therefore, Jumil products are designed by competent professionals using the newest technologies for creation of projects, according to all market requirements.
Computerization and the optical fiber communication guarantee precision work at different stages of the production line, while in other areas, properly trained technicians play important roles in the design of parts and assemblies. For Jumil, our evolution through the time is a source of great pride.


Nowadays be present abroad is very important to companies. Diversifying markets, by export, helps to reduce dependence and dilute risk, which become more important in times of economic hardship. Another important point of doing export activities is that the company has to adapt itself to the requirements of each country, whether on the security field, legislation or even related working conditions. That force exporting companies to offer quality products that suit the most different conditions, which become a gain for customers in any market.

Due to these factors, Jumil throughout its history, acquired experience operations in foreign markets and is seeking to expand its operations to more countries. Today Jumil has a strong presence on Latin America – with outstanding performance on Paraguay, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Mexico and Cuba; Africa – with substantial presence on South Africa, Angola and Mozambique and on some Asian countries – Indonesia and Philippines.

The operations in thee markets are always made in partnership with distributors and local retailers. Jumil offers full support of all its teams of salesmen and technicians, who do all the jobs of qualification and training of these partners and also receives on its headquarters staff of these countries to training periods.

Besides all the support of qualification and training Jumil team always performs field visits on these countries, to keep in contact with local producers, in order to understand their needs, to always offer the best solution through its products. This work is done thinking about the costumers of Jumil aiming to offer the best products, adapted to local conditions, and give full service support and after sale, on the quickest and more efficient way.


Pioneering technologies applied to agriculture are our trademarks.

On 1942, a time still characterized by animal power, Jumil showed its innovation skills. In this year the company manufactured the first fertilizer planter on Brazil. A dream came true that marked a new era on agriculture.
On 1992 Jumil was again the first Brazilian agricultural machinery manufacturer to present the Pneumatic System of Seeds Distribution (Exacta Air). A milestone on agricultural sector and precision planting that put our clients in contact with the best world standards.


On 1996, Jumil was the first Brazilian manufacturer of agricultural implements to obtain the certification NBR ISO 9001, which corresponds nowadays to NBR ISO 9001:2008, recognized worldwide by IQNet – The International Certification Network.
Now Jumil has two factories located on Batatais, countryside of São Paulo, where all engineering department is projected and developed with 3D technology, instrumentation and structural analysis, updates online and optic fiber systems that connect all subdivisions of both plants. The manufacturing process of the implements meet all requirements of the market, with one equipped CNC machining center and laser cutting for plates.


Project of Unification of Manufacturing Units:

One of the pillars of Jumil strategy is operational excellence which is based on three initiatives: Lean System; purchases and sales strategy; products and services quality. From the Lean system concept of seeking systematic elimination of losses and improve the flow of value, the company decided to consolidate the two manufacturing units into a single one, eliminating any movement of material between them and the control points of duplicate stocks.

The unification process of the manufacturing operation followed the next steps: construction, around 15,000 m2; investments, more than R $ 20 million; and consequently review of the entire factory layout from the perspective of Lean system.
The increase on the capacity coming from investments and organization allowed the admission of outsourced services without considerate an increase on direct labour, achieving exceptional gains in productivity and quality. This also enabled the launch of new products completing our portfolio without the need of other investments.

The last stage of the unification project is planned for 2017 with the total transfer of administration and engineering to the new factory, especially improving the communication and information flow.

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